Warwickshire County Record Office - Tithe Maps

Warwickshire County Record Office - Tithe Maps

See a list of items for sale at the end of this introduction. Click here for a free list of Landowner names and Occupier names included in each Parish, Parish Tithe maps will be added over the coming months (note file is 10MB so will take a few moments to download). NB Please be aware that the software used to create the searchable maps does not work on MAC computers. 

Warwickshire County Record Office preserves and makes available Warwickshire's Tithe Maps on behalf of the Diocese of Coventry and the Diocese of Birmingham. Their support is much appreciated.

Tithe maps provide unique information about early 19th century Warwickshire. They are an essential tool for family and local historians trying to find out about land ownership and features of the local area. Warwickshire's tithe maps have recently been digitised to make them more widely available. For the first time these maps will be available to search and use for your personal research in the comfort of your home. The maps are available to purchase as downloads or CDs from the BMSGH shop.

Warwickshire County Council has made an index available online via their historical maps link http://maps.warwickshire.gov.uk/historical/. Please scroll down on the left menu and highlight tithe index to view the tithe maps available. If you have trouble using it please visit your local library, it may be possible that someone there can help you use this system.

The original maps are of course available to view free of charge at Warwickshire County Record Office during our normal opening hours. Please see http://heritage.warwickshire.gov.uk/warwickshire county record office/ for more details.

Tithe apportionments were produced after the Tithe Commutation Act of 1836, which ‘commuted’ all tithe payments to a monetary rent charge. The schedules cover titheable land, by parish, in which the occupier had a duty to pay a proportion of the yearly income generated by the land (whether money or produce) to the landowner.

Before the reformation, payments were usually made to the parish church. Subsequently, however, the sale of church land meant that it ceased to be a purely ecclesiastical payment. By the 19th century, the calculation of tithe payments had become controversial and the enclosure of farm land, under which tithes were replaced by rent charges, meant that the payment was becoming irrelevant.

In 1836 tithe apportionment schedules of all titheable land were produced, listing owners, occupiers, their land, its size, and the new rent charge it attracted. The schedules were often accompanied by a map, which shows individual plots of land with a plot number. 

Where an apportionment exists the digitised tithe maps sit alongside the appropriate name index and it is possible to search these together. 

The tithe maps are priced at either £12 for smaller or less detailed maps and £30 for larger or more detailed maps.

Please support Warwickshire County Record Office in its work to make these unique resources more widely available. All money raised helps to preserve the collections and to make them available now and in the future.

Sam Collenette, Archives and Historic Environment Manager, Warwickshire County Record Office, Heritage and Culture Warwickshire, Priory Park, Cape Road, Warwick CV34 4JS, Tel: 01926 738950, email recordoffice@warwickshire.gov.uk, website http://heritage.warwickshire.gov.uk/warwickshire-county-record-office/

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More Tithe maps will be available shortly, watch this space. If you are interested in one which is not yet listed, please contact us and we will make available as soon as possible.

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