• Fenton 1922 - Old Ordnance Survey Maps - The Godfrey Edition

Staffordshire Sheet 18.06 Fenton 1922 - published 2004; introduction by Malcolm Nixon

Continuing our coverage of The Potteries, this detailed map covers much of Fenton, the 'Sixth Town' which seems to have been ignored by Arnold Bennett. Coverage stretches from Regent Road and Wellington Street eastward to Priors Fields, and from Grove Road northward to Fenton Park.

Features include North Staffordshire Railway with Fenton station, Great Fenton House, Glebe Collieries & Brick Works, Christ Church, Albert Square, Rialto Works, Baker's Mill, Opal China Works, Fenton Potteries, St Michael & All Angels church, St Matthew's church, Minerva China Works, Rubian Art Pottery, Oldfield Brick Works, Doric Pottery, Cemetery, Pool Dole, picture theatre, Town Hall, short stretch of Biddulph Valley Branch but no stations, Foley China Works, Foley Potteries, tramways, Clarence Works, Golden Hill area, northern tip of Longton (St John the Baptist church is split by bottom sheetline), Etna Engineering Works, Priors Fields, other potteries and earthenware works, etc. Extracts from a 1912 directory are included on the reverse, including a list of private residents for Fenton.

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Fenton 1922 - Old Ordnance Survey Maps - The Godfrey Edition

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